He loves performing with a great mix of talented  musicians  in the new ' Bobby Sowell Band '  formerly  known as  CWR  'Coldwater Revival'.  For updates,  music  and videos visit the band  facebook page.  Click here


Born on a hot July 8th, 1947 in Memphis, Tennessee, Bobby was the third child of his father and first child of his mother. He was named after a famous Southern Baptist preacher, Dr Robert G. Lee

(*see 1947 letter from Dr Lee)

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     About Bobby

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Performing, writing, composing, arranging, recording, producing, jamming, loving.  

Musical taste? Depends on Bobby's  mood? As he reviews his  music playing history, Bobby went through periods of diversified preferences. He  liked and played rockabilly and rock n roll, then he  liked and played country, then he liked and played blues and a little jazz, then he  liked and played gospel, then he liked and played easy listening piano. Now at this stage of his  life, he  likes playing anything he wants to. Bobby agrees with Willie Nelson when he said there's only two kinds of music, good and bad.   


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Yea, he went the way of the British Invasion and played the bubble gum stuff but Bobby eventually return to his roots. Be suspicious of anyone who plays or listens to only one type of music? Musically speaking in Bobby's youth, listening to his Dad and Mom's music influences shaped Bobby's playing future. Now, the future is the present and the older he gets, the better the past sounds. It's a connection between a much simpler time and when music made sense. Yea, he loved playing rock n roll, jazz, show tunes, easy listening and the blues but playing them old country tunes connects him to a distant past, full of memories and much love.


PIANIST AND COMPOSER,  HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE.  Presenting easy listening piano featuring original compositions and classic covers in pop, blues, jazz, rock n roll, country, classical, gospel and Christmas music genres.


Bobby Sowell music accomplishments defy description in any brief Introduction message. His Innovation musical talents from his many years of experience and added to it his keen curiosity and overall passion for all music expressions. Bobby is listed in the book, "HISTORY OF MEMPHIS BANDS" by author Ron Hall, now available in bookstores everywhere. Bobby is Listed in "THE WHO'S WHO" and "THE HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL". On March 20, 2002 Bobby was inducted into the "ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME" for contributions made to Rockabilly music, He is in a new book "MEMPHIS BLUES MUSICIANS" available@amazon.com. Bobby is  grateful to have grown up in Tennessee where the music influences were diversified indeed. His  Mom was from the bluegrass music of East Tennessee, his Dad from the blues of Memphis and  growing up listening to the country tunes, rockabilly, , rock n roll, 60's sole and the blues. Doesn't get much better than that.


About the time Sowell was 12 years old, honkytonk and rockabilly music was really thriving in Memphis and he started playing in bars and nightclubs with much older musicians. They used to sneak him in the back door and hide him behind an upright piano where no one could see how young he was. Sowell also played a lot of Sock Hops and actually joined his first band in 1959  called 'The Red Notes'. Bobby spent six decades performing music professionally from 1959 to the present day. In 2010, he formed a new blues band 'Bobby Sowell Band' and actively is performing and recording new music.  - New Deal Music